You are the 5,000th viewer – you won a thought of winning something really good

It’s been little over one month and Biolektures has received over 5,000 views. Thank you everyone for visiting and commenting. Now I will rant on and on.

First and foremost thank you to all my readers directed from SEQAnswers, Twitter, Ion Community, other blog posts and a mysterious company called Ion Flux. Without my readers and their need to click on all the blog posts, there would be probably less than 1,00 views. The 1,00 views would be a combination of me and spam trying to advertise the secret on how I can get “ripped in 4 weeks.” Well I got ripped in one night by eating too much now my pants need to be fixed ! 😆

I thank the support of established bloggers who have done an amazing job tweeting and mentioning my blog. This includes Nick, Keith, Justin, Lex and Daniel. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

I thank the Ion Community and Life Technologies for making the bioinformatics aspect as OPEN as their legal team will allow. This has made people like me with no life, feel like part of the LIFE action. Thank you to those in the Ion Community who have answered my many technical questions and random outbursts claiming shenenigans. This includes Mike, Simon, Mel, Matt, Jason and the dude with the cat picture as an avatar (sorry don’t know your first name). I especially like to thank Mike for his encouragement and being a regular commenter. I will keep you updated on my plans to convert the Torrent Server into a Street Fighter 4 arcade machine as a way of generating revenue to pay for our experiments 😛

I thank those who have written comments. At least I know you people have been reading the post and not just looking at the pictures 😛 This includes Mike, Peter, Andrew and Nick. Keep the comments coming but no big words please 😀

Lastly, I thank my wife Angela for putting up with my blogging. I haven’t spent quality time such as watching Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill and Sex and the City. I will be more available this month for the quality viewing these shows have to offer 😦

I will leave with a link to a short love story of a guy trying to impress a girl with his uber l33t h4x0r skillz featuring Enrique’s Hero.

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